Features PWR20

Extra power supply

On-Board PGM


Rated voltage of power supply (AC)

~20 V

Minimum AC voltage

~16 V

Maximum AC voltage

~22 V

Maximum long term output current of PWR20 (I+AUX + I+BELL + Ibattery charge):

≤2,0 A

Maximum current of slow blowing fuse used in primary AC

250 mA

Maximum AC power consumption

150 mA

Minimum voltage on +AUX, +BELL outputs

12 V

Maximum voltage on +AUX, +BELL, +PGM outputs

13,9 V

Maximum current out of +AUX

+1 A

Maximum current out of +BELL

+2 A

Maximum current into -PGM1

-0,05 A

Short circuit, overload protection of +BELL, +AUX


Battery charge, +BELL, +AUX current measurement


Failed (waste) backup battery disconnection


Maximum battery charging current

+0,35 A

Maximum current of fast blowing fuse used in battery circuit

3,15 A

Control panel disconnect battery when it’s voltage less than

9,5 V

Recommended backup battery

12 V, 7 Ah / 20 Hr

Overall dimensions W x H in mm

98 x 77

Environmental compliance


Operating temperature

-10oC up to +50oC

Production status

In production

Interface with PC

USB mini-B

Latest firmware version


Wiring manual

 Download (wired to PASxx series control panel)

Download (wired to Pxx series control panel)