Features GSV7
Description Versatile GSM/GPRS communicator
3 different versions GSV7 for 2G (900/1800. Europe, Asia, Africa, Brazil)
GSV7.4X for 2G, 3G (multi region)
GSV7.M1 for 2G, CAT M1, IoT NB (multi region)
Product type Communicator

In-built wired zones on board

On-Board (open collector type) PGM 2
Reporting to CMS format CID by GPRS
Reporting protocols for CMS E2 (Enigma), FIBRO (Sur-gard), CSV (Patriot), SIA
Compatibility with control panels via KEYBUS PC5xx, PC14xx, PC1565, PC16xx, PC18xx
Compatibility with control panels via SERIAL SP4xxx, SP6xxx, SP7xxx, EVOxxx, MG5xxx
Compatible with SG-SYSTEM II , III IP card Yes
Alarm message for end user SECOLINK PRO app, GSM call, SMS
Available language for voice guide

English (available other languages)

Available language for SMS

English (available other languages)

DTMF converting from PSTN to GPRS Yes (one way)
Available in plastic enclosure


Maximum current into -PGM1 -0.05 A
Maximum current into -PGM2 -0.05 A
Power supply
Power supply 12-19V (DC) or 16.5V (AC)
Current consumption 50 mA
Current consumption with all PGM's 260 mA
Overall dimensions W x H in mm 120 x 64

Environmental compliance

Operating temperature

From -10oC to +50oC

Interface for communicator settings programming

USB, SMS messages

Interface for communicator firmware updating