Features KR100
Description Outdoor siren
Signal Acoustic, optical
Acoustic signal source

High effectiveness of special "Guasi Dynamic" piezoelectric transducer

Optical signal source 2 x high brightness LEDs
Alarm tones 2

Acoustic alarm duration

Optional: 1 min., 4 min., 16 min.

Optical alarm duration

Optional: 1 min., 4 min., limitless.

Optical alarm color Blue or red
LED Modes - siren status

Flash Alternately - System is not in Alarm;

Flash Together Two Times Every 5 sec. - Tamper activation;

Flash Together Three Times Every 5 sec. - Bell trigger activation.

Anti-tampering protection Cover opening, detachment off the base.
Mechanical shock resistance Very High (70% Polycarbonate, 30% ABS)
Power supply (DC) 13.8 V
Max. current consumption in alarm mode 0.5 A
Sound pressure level 115 dB (1 meter distance)
Recommended backup power supply 12 V, 1.2 Ah
Environmental compliance ROHS
Overall dimensions W x H in mm 155 x 250 x 67
Operating temperature From -40oC to +70oC