Features GSV0 GSV1
Product type Universal communicator
Control panels supported by data interface

• SECOLINK (control panels: PAS8xx, Pxx)
DSC (control panels: PC5xx, PC5xxx, PC14xx, PC1565, PC16xx, PC18xx)
PARADOX (control panels: SP4xxx, SP6xxx, SP7xxx, EVOxxx, MG5xxx,

SP5500+5,6, SP6000+5,6, SP7000+5,6)

Control panels supported by analog interface • All control panels with a built-in PSTN dialer (Contact ID protocol)
• All control panels with PGM outputs / zone inputs
• All control panels with PGM outputs / zone inputs
Embedded-SIM (eSIM) No Yes
User SIM Yes (size: micro SIM)
Extra services that are included in the final price of the product • The GSV0 comes with 6 months of paid cloud services, allowing the user to take full advantage of the SECOLINK Pro app1.

• paid 2-year mobile service plan2

• The GSV1 comes with 2 years of paid cloud services, allowing the user to take full advantage of the SECOLINK Pro app2.

Note: to activate extra services, it is necessary to create a user account in ALARMSERVER.NET cloud and register the product by entering product's identification number "BI".
 Features of the communicator using user SIM card vs eSIM
  user SIM  eSIM 
Number of recipients for SMS, voice clip messaging


Number of recipients for internet messaging using app SECOLINK PRO


Alarm message for end user by voice clip

Yes (no sound)

Voice guide for end user


SMS out (device >> phone)


SMS in (phone >> device)


SMS text language (device >> phone)

Can be changed using
GSV0 GSV1 Loader

Remote system control using SECOLINK PRO app  Yes
SECOLINK PRO operation   
    by SMS, Android plain text3 -
    by SMS, iPhone plain text3 -
    by internet Yes4 Yes4
Push notifications Yes4 Yes4
Reporting to Central Monitoring Station (CMS) Yes


(There are additional conditions. Contact CMS company)

Reporting to CMS format CID by GPRS/LTE Cat-M1
Reporting protocols for CMS E2 (Enigma), FIBRO (Sur-gard), CSV (Patriot), SIA
Compatible with SG-SYSTEM II , III IP card Yes

• GSV0q - for 2G network
• GSV0c - for 2G network
• GSV0e - for 2G network and LTE 

                network Cat-M1 subnet

• GSV1qJ - for 2G network
• GSV1cT - for 2G network
• GSV1eT - for 2G network and LTE

                  network Cat-M1 subnet

General features
In-built wired zones (inputs) on board 2
On-Board (open collector type) PGM 1
DTMF converting from PSTN to GPRS/LTE Cat-M1 Yes -
Maximum current into PGM -0,05 A
Power supply (DC) 9 - 14 V
Average current consumption 25 mA
Maximum current consumption 220 mA
Plastic casing Yes
Overall dimensions W x D x H in mm 115 x 65 x 18

Environmental compliance

Operating temperature

From -10oC to +50oC

Production status

In production

Preparing to produce
Interface with PC

USB micro-B

Firmware update

• USB - using software Firmware upgrade tool
• Internet - using SECOLINK keypad menu or using button (release on 3rd blink), SMS command

Manuals, software, latest firmware version


  1 -  at the end of 6 months of a paid period, the user will be offered to renew the license. The license is renewed upon purchase of a WLCT voucher.

The control of GSV0 over internet will be disabled if you do not renew your license. The user will still be able to control the GSV0 with SMS. You can buy the voucher at https://shop.secolink.eu

  2 -  at the end of the paid period, the user will be offered to renew the license. The license is renewed upon purchase of a GSIM voucher. If the license is not 

renewed the GSV1 will only be usable to report to the CMS receiver. The user has an option to insert his SIM card and continue to use GSV1 (additional

programming of GSV1 will be required). Before purchasing a GSV1, it is necessary to check whether the price of the extension (GSIM voucher) is acceptable. You can buy the voucher at https://shop.secolink.eu

  3 -  SMS messages from the communicator are not imported into the SECOLINK PRO app - they can be viewed using the SMS editing app on the phone. 

Lock icons (ARMED / DISARMED) are not displayed in the app. SMS commands are not performed in the background - SECOLINK PRO will „insert“ the control command for the user into SMS editing app and the user will need to tap on the button Send.

  4 -  ALARMSERVER.NET cloud services should be in use.

  5 -  the SERIAL port must be unlocked before using the panel with the communicator (firmware version v.1.16 or higher). The SERIAL can be unlocked  

for an additional fee. For more information, contact your local distributor or send an email to our support team: support@secolink.eu

  6 -  upgrade the control panel firmware to the latest version (v1.21.003 or later). The control panel with the stock version does not send all events to

SERIAL port.