IP monitoring Up to 2500 accounts
Event log size Up to 20000 events
Event list monitoring and filtering From web browser
Continuous checking of Internet connection Yes
Reporting protocol E2
Encryption AES-128
Client identification by IP Address, MAC, IMEI
Ethernet connector 100 Mbit
Client account monitoring Individual for each account
Interface for settings programming USB
Interface for firmware updating USB / Serial / IP channel
Local programming USB / Serial
Remote programming Through IP channel
Power supply (DC) 12 V
Backup power supply in case of main power failure USB
Client IP address display in monitoring software Yes
Maximum current consumption on DC 200mA
Maximum current consumption on USB 100mA
Operating temperature From 10 °C to +30 °C
Sizes W x H x D 110 x 35 x 190
Weight 300 grams